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A Haven for Vee
2 Corinthians 10:12
Last Sunday our town hosted a party. The party was to thank the many volunteers who gave their time, money and efforts to assist during the flood. The flood happened here in Perth-Andover, NB in March of 2012, and some are still recovering. Most of the clean up has been done, but there are people who are having their homes moved out of the flood zone now and and other changes are happening. There were so many who helped out this little town, and I suppose the town government just decided it was time to give back, or at least recognize them. We went to the celebration after church, where the festivities were just getting started, and mostly enjoyed checking the antique cars, and also the music of Acoustic Train. They're pretty great, and if you ever get a chance to hear them play, check them out.
The Northern Maine Fair in Presque Isle, ME to be more exact. It was a wet day, but there were some moments of sunshine. I think everyone had fun.
The kids going on their last ride of the day before the rain started pouring, and we went off to supper at Pizza Hut and to the movies to see The Smurfs 2. It was a fantastic day!
Since we will probably share a lot about the cats in our lives, I thought it would be nice to take some time to introduce to you all of the cats that have played a role in helping us become so fond of them. Actually, having these cats has helped me just become much more appreciative of all animals in general. We have no kids of our own, but our cats sure are like our babies. We only have two that actually live with us, but there are some more that we love as well.


She can be all at once cranky, and the biggest suck up you've ever seen. She loves to lay on top of either Derek or I when we are sleeping. She also seems to enjoy being held like a little baby to sleep. She's precious, but not very kind towards strange animals. She does not welcome newbies into the home, and half the time these days even takes swats at her own baby, Jingles. We both love her dearly, but we really say that she's Derek's cat, while Jingles is more mine. Caramel is also somewhat like a dog, in that whenever we are eating, she will sit and beg for us to share.


This cat. He is mine... and I am his. He is special. He craves attention, but then when it is given to him, he shies away from you. At night he whines and whines until we finally give in and go to bed. He likes it more when I go to bed on my own and he can curl up under the covers with me. He is not social with strangers. Only now, after being back home for so long, is he actually becoming accustomed to my sister's family. We all just enjoy him so much.
'Yeah, so?' Sometimes he finds the strangest places to lay.


Chums came to live with us via a co-worker. His family had gotten Chums for their little four year-old, but the little boy and his new kitty did not get along, and so Chums needed a new home. We felt bad for little Chums, and decided to take him in. He was precious, snugly, curious, a little bit crazy, and over all we just loved him dearly. Caramel and Jingles, on the other hand, did not. In the end, Chums has gone to live with my sister and her family, and he is happy there, since he loves being outside, and he has more of an opportunity to be outside at her home.
Isn't he precious?


He's my pastor's cat, but we love him. We sometimes have the pleasure of checking in on him while they are away, and it's always nice. He usually tries to suck up really well in the hopes that we will let him out. He used to be able to go out when they were away, until the time he did not come home for three weeks, and so now they're just more comfortable with him staying inside, awaiting their return. Compared to our cats, Kirby is HUGE! But, that just makes him all the more adorable.


Missy is another cat that we have the privilege of cat-sitting. She started out rather un-sociable, and un-interested in us, but warmed up to us and even spent her nights sleeping in the room with me.

The Landlord's Cat

This was the chattiest cat I've ever seen. She would plop down in the driveway and refuse to move until she was given some attention. My mother called her that demon cat, but I think she just wanted some lovin'. And, she's beautiful. She has since gone on to live in a different home.
She has assumed the 'belly rub' position.

A Few Honorable Mentions - The Dogs

Lady runs the home in which my parents live. She's precious, and although mother complains about her, I don't think she'd know what to do without her. Mom & Dad rescued her from a previous co-worker who was moving and was going to put her down. It was the best decision they could have made.
Miley is the dog that my niece, Keira, waited her entire life for. My sister says she's a great dog, her only downfall is her love of food, but once they learned to stop leaving food of any sort out on the table or counters, all was well. This is also where Chumley now resides, and the two, although not best friends, do get a long better than the Caramel and Jingles did with Chums.
Abby lives with our friends, Joan & Lionel, and she's just precious. We always enjoy her company when we go to visit.
One day last month I decided to go up to Grand Falls early to go check out the Market, and the Falls. Sadly, there was not a lot of water coming through the dam, so it was slightly less spectacular, but it's still just a beautiful spot.

The Market

The market is not bad. There is definitely much more happening than there is in my small little town, but still, there's not a whole lot. We find ourselves missing the bigger markets, like what exists in Moncton and Dieppe, or even KOREA! But, still, for a small city, this market isn't bad, really.
Yes, chocolate..... that melted in my purse on such a warm day. Duh... Bad purchase idea!

The Zip Line

That's right. There's a zip line over the base of the falls. I'm about 99% certain that it's not something that I'd ever do, but there sure are a lot of people who enjoy it.
I love the falls!! The sound of the water is just so relaxing. It is beautiful and frightening all at the same time.
It's a beautiful spot, and if you're in the area, you should stop and check it out. You can find more information here.