In March of this year I began a new job. I went from a job of working with my mother and my husband to working a completely opposite shift of both of them, and not seeing too much of either of them, most certainly not enough. I miss my daily conversations with my mother, but at least she's a texter, and we can usually stay in touch via messages. My husband, though, is not really much of a texter, or a phone conversationalist, so I really do miss him.

God has been good to us, though. Over the course of the last month or so, Derek has been getting about one day off each week, and it usually tends to be the same day that I have off. It's been really nice. We have been able to spend some special time together, whether just relaxing, or going grocery shopping together.

Yesterday was another day that we both had off together. I had lots of ideas for what I was going to do. I wanted to go to the gym, and to hang out with Kirby, our pastor's lovely fat cat. I might have even considered doing some housework, and may have cooked a nice supper. Derek had another suggestion, though.

He wanted to go visit his hometown. This was new. Even though it's only about 30 - 40 minutes away, he is usually very reluctant to go there. So, the fact that he was interested in going was not something I wanted to argue with. I jumped on it right away, and off we went.

We first went to JR's Takeout. Derek has fond memories of that place, and how could he not? They have a Class of '98 burger on their menu, and that's the year Derek graduated, so it must have been a good year for the takeout. After lunch, we drove around town, and then spent some time at the local drug store. We needed to get some bug spray, for our plan to walk around the lake.

The lake. Yes, it's a nice place. We tried to walk around that lake about six years ago, but gave up because of the swarms of bugs and black flies, and mosquitoes that were driving us nuts. So, yes, bug spray was super important.

We sat at the picnic table for a little bit just enjoying the peace and quiet. I kept thinking that it sure looked like a very long walk around to the other side of the lake. It didn't matter, though, we weren't in any hurry.
There were many stumps like this with big rocks piled on top of them. I'm not entirely sure why the rocks were on them, but I found them quite interesting. Then, we came across this other one.

We were going to take the red 2KM trail, but missed the turn, and so we ended up just going around the Village Walking Trail. It was nice, though, and I really enjoyed it. We both did.

After that walk, we went to Derek's old home, where he grew up. We don't go there often, but we need to soon go back and pack somethings up, before they get ruined, some old family heirlooms and things. As you can see, the grass and weeds and things are all growing up quite a bit.

There were even raspberries in the yard.

After we left there, we went to visit Derek's aunt really quickly. Aunt Mary is awesome, and it's always nice to visit with her. We had been told previously about Derek's Uncle Leonard, and that he was quite ill, but after talking with Mary, we decided to go visit him and his family, as well as Derek's other uncle and aunt who are visiting from BC. It was nice to meet more of Derek's relatives, and I found out that some people I went to school with are cousins of his. It sure is a small world. I haven't had an update on Uncle Leonard today, but if you think of him, please pray for him and his family. I believe Uncle Leonard is a man of faith, and this may make the loss less painful for the family when it comes, but regardless, a loss is a loss, and it's never easy.

After visiting with family, Derek and I went to Subway and had supper, courtesy of a gift card from his Mom. That was good, as always. Then, it was time for the drive home. I did finally find a canola field to take a photo of on the way home, though.

Canola fields are lovely this time of year. Actually, this country we live in is just beautiful all year round! The trees, the green, the potato fields, the big blue sky, lupines on the side of the road, wild flowers, it's just all amazing! I am truly blessed on my drive to work each day.

We ended our day with a quick visit with Kirby, making sure he was well fed, and although Derek told me it was going to rain, I still asked him to water the plants, and garden. He's such a good man, that husband of mine.

I'm not sure how much longer it will be before I get to working on a day shift and am able to spend more time with my Derek, but until then, I will try to enjoy these few days here and there that we get to spend together.