I love fall. I love spring. Winter is quite lovely, up until about February 15th. Then I'm done with that. Summer, while I tend to look forward to it, by the time the heat comes along I'm ready for the cooler air of autumn. I think what I really love is the change! New seasons bring new beauty to this wonderful country we live in and so I usually end up looking forward to it before it gets here.

At this moment, though, I am enjoying the full splendor of autumn in Eastern Canada. It is just beautiful. I always noticed the season change in Korea and thought it was nice, but really, even wonderful Korea has nothing on my home province in Canada. Every day as I drive to work and see the ever changing colors of trees and leaves against the blue sky and the sprawling Saint John River, I praise God for bringing us home, for opening my eyes to see the works of His hands and for allowing me the opportunity to enjoy the sights with safety each day. To be honest, I'm a bit of a distracted driver. Not distracted by my phone, but rather the scenes around me.

Here are some photos I took this foggy Saturday morning. Thankfully, I was not driving.