Well, I used to blog... .when we were in Korea. You can check out that blog here. I think I was good at it. But, then, we moved back to Canada... amid some drama, and things got a bit tense, and I kind of got out of the blogging thing, often thinking that there's really not a lot of very interesting stuff going on here in our small town, so it might be kind of boring. HOWEVER.... I have had a couple of people asking me about my blog... and so I think it's really time to get back at it! Blogging is fun. Sharing pictures that I take is fun, and I hope you enjoy my blog. 

Just as an introduction, it took quite a while before I got back on my feet, and got back to work. Then, for over a year, I worked at a potato packing place with my mother and husband. That was just lovely... well, not really. But, Praise the Lord, 2013 has been a great year of changes and challenges for me. I currently work at a huge transportation company, as a Truckload Specialist, and also volunteer as treasurer at our church, which I absolutely love. God has been good to us! 


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